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I'm writing a regexp-based lexical analyzer generator based on a regexp-to-DFA direct translation algorithm described in the Dragon Book.

It calculates the nullable, firstpos, lastpos, and followpos functions for concatenation, alternation, and kleene-star nodes. I want to add quantifiers for + (one or more times) and ? (zero or one time).

nullable, firstpos, and lastpos are easy to calculate, but I'm not sure about followpos. Is it better to not implement those quantifiers as part of the parsing stage, and instead rewrite it in the lexical analysis stage (I think this is only "syntactic sugar" to kleene-star and alternation)?

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I took the same approach with http://www.benhanson.net/lexertl.html. For '+' you should copy the preceding expression, apply '*' and concat. For '?' you create an or ('|') expression and make the rhs a null token leaf node.

I hope that helps!

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