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I have the following JQuery code that dynamically generates some checkboxes:

var container = $('#checkbox_list_container');
var html = '<input type="checkbox" class="selection_checkboxes" name="ids[]" value="1" />';

I also have the following code that pops up an alert when any of these checkboxes are clicked:

$(document).ready(function() {
 $('.selection_checkboxes').click(function() {

   alert('click detected');

   if ($(this).attr('checked'))
     if ($('.selection_checkboxes:checked').size() > 3)
       alert('You can only select up to 3 items');     
       return false;

For some reason, JQuery is unable to detect when any of the dynamically generated checkboxes have been clicked on and display the alert('click detected') message, let alone get a count of all the checked checkboxes with the same class name.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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You need to use jQuery's live to attach handlers to dynamically created elements:

$('.selection_checkboxes').live('click', function() {

If all your checkboxes are in #checkbox_list_container, then delegate is more efficient:

$('#checkbox_list_container').delegate('.selection_checkboxes', 'click', function() {
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