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I have a main silverlight control named MainPage.xaml in an asp.net web site.

I want to dynamically add and remove control at run time.

So, I have created another control Top10.xaml and added to selected canvas area on MainPage.xaml as described on this page(Click Me):

Now i need to modify Top10 visibility in MainPage.xaml dynamically when a button is clicked on MainPage.xaml using C# code in MainPage.xaml.cs.

Can anybody help me out?


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for programmability you might wanna set an id for the control u declare in xaml. you could say x:Name="top10" or something similar.

on the click event of the button you could use the code below

top10.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed; // to hide
top10.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; // to show

Hope this helps.

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