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I need to monitor multiple directories for changes. I'm using Gtk::Main, calling Gio::Init, and adding directory monitors exactly as the documentation suggests. However, the callback is never called, for any directory. Do I need another loop solely for the monitors, and if so, how would I use it in conjunction with Gtk::Main?

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Are you following any example code? See here:… – Mark Dec 30 '10 at 15:16
Yes, I'm following that example. The thing is, how do I use Gtk::Main and Glib::MainLoop at the same time? Apparently using Gio's FileMonitor's requires Glib::MainLoop. I even tried a separate thread, but that didn't work out. – dav Jan 3 '11 at 18:04
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I had the same problem in Vala and here is the complete solution.

As pointed out by Andrea Azzarone, you can use the Gtk::Main loop.

However, pay attention to your Gio::FileMonitor reference. At the end of the function, it is destroyed so that the callback won't be called if you don't keep a reference to the Gio::FileMonitor object.

I found this idea in this answer.

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You can use just Gtk::Main loop because it is a Glib::MainLoop.

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