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I have links that are present as <div> images with click events getting passed to javascript.

Javascript opens the links by using location.href = link;

When I middle click the links they don't open in a new tab though. How can i make them new tab compatible?

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"<div> images with click events getting passed to javascript" Does this mean that you don't have any a elements involved? Would this not be easier? –  lonesomeday Dec 26 '10 at 22:54

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You should turn them into real hyperlinks:

<a href="page.html"><img alt="placeholder"></a>
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I would add a target="_blank" too. I'm not sure if they're still used these days, but they seem to get the job done! –  Blender Dec 27 '10 at 0:06
@Blender That would always open the link in a new window, but it should only do that if the user wants it to. Different browsers have different ways for users to say, "open this link in a new window". For example I do it in Opera using a mouse gesture. Since it is different in different browsers, you need to tell the different browsers that it is a link - ie, use a real anchor tag, instead of faking it with JavaScript. –  Douglas Dec 27 '10 at 11:44

Simply don't use JavaScript for links. location.href will change the url of the current document (window/tab).

Better set the href attribute per JavaScript, if you really need to use JS. Using href will also be a lot better for accessibility.

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you can use window.open(url) but it may considered as a popup

$('#divid').mousedown(function(e){if (e.which==2) window.open("url_here")});

e.which specifies which button was clicked 1 for left 2 for middle and 3 for right!

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