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I've read that in Codeigniter I should be organizing my form code by placing validation code into my controller and validation rules/defaults into my model.

Is this done simply by creating a function in my model like the ones below, and then calling them from inside my controller? It certainly keeps the controller clean but I want to make sure this is the proper way to organize things.

//inside widget_model.php

function myRules()
    $this->form_validation->set_rules('item_name', 'name', 'required');
    $this->form_validation->set_rules('item_description', 'description', 'required');

function myDefaults()
    return $defaults = array(
        'page_title' => "Add new widget",
        'fname' => 'widget_name',
        'fdescription' => 'widget_description'
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You don't need to do that IMHO. The best way is to set the validation rules in your controller like this:

$this->load->helper(array('form', 'url'));


$rules['username']  = "required";
$rules['password']  = "required";
$rules['passconf']  = "required";
$rules['email']     = "required";


$fields['username'] = 'Username';
$fields['password'] = 'Password';
$fields['passconf'] = 'Password Confirmation';
$fields['email']    = 'Email Address';


if ($this->validation->run() == FALSE)


You don't need to put anything in your Model.

More on the subject here: http://codeigniter.com/user_guide/libraries/validation.html

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Thanks Andrey. It seemed a bit odd to separate it like that into the model just for the sake of having a "skinny controller, fat model" set up. I just wanted to hear from another more experienced developer that putting that validation stuff in the controller was not bad practice. –  justinl Dec 27 '10 at 3:00

Another option would be placing your validation rules in a config file ordered by set. CI will load these automatically (if named correctly).

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