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I have a file named index.php which using a mysql server gets a simple username. The mysql server is running on centOS and I have two different systems running apache serving as web servers.

One is my own windows pc using a "wamp" solution which uses the mysql server refereed before and the other is the centOS server itself.

I use this so I can develop in my laptop and run the final on the centOS box.

The problem is this:

Accessing centOS box I get (on hxxp://centos):

out_sider 1lu�s 2oi

Using wamp on windows I get (on hxxp://localhost):

out_sider 1luís 2oi

The mysql database is configured correctly seeing that both use the same and I used svn repository to move files from windows to centOS so the file is the same.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advnce

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My first guess is its probably a locale thing, try adding or updating locale settings of the centOS, or try controlling it from PHP.

str = iconv(mb_detect_encoding(str)/*or insert the encoding type if you know it*/, "UTF-8", str);

and try also:

str = mb_convert_encoding (str, "UTF-8");

Also try connecting and querying the MYSQL server directly, to rule out the fact that it maybe the MYSQL table charset (on centOS) or something.

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