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In order to migrate my application to a tablet form-factor (xlarge screen), I was forced to move to Android SDK 2.3 (gingerbread). The application compiles without warnings with the new SDK. When I try to run the application on an emulator (as I do not own an xlarge device), it crashes when it tries to register my accelerometer listener with SensorManager. Debugging revealed the call is returning false when it should return true (which it did before moving to SDK 2.3).

When I run the application on my phone, which is running Froyo, no crash... registerListener returns true. The following is the code which misbehaves in the 2.3 emulator.

boolean supported = mSensorMgr.registerListener(this, mSensorMgr.getDefaultSensor(Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER),

I've tried both custom and stock skins, playing with the accelerometer present flag... no luck. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Are you sure the emulator even has an accelerometer? – Roger Binns Oct 28 '11 at 7:08

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