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I'm not sure if this is a programming question, or would be better served on a sister site.

I want to mock up a web site & distribute it by email to some non-tech people for comment.

I can't ask then to install an Apache server, but wondered if I could bundle the site into an .exe, or a .zip and have them open Index.php and play around with the site.

All users are non-techie; all will use Windows; the site is coded in PHP and all internal references to URLs, CSS< images are by way of $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']

Any advice?

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Just throw it on a web server hiding behind some authentication.

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Right. And Mawg could rent a slice at (or similar) for $20 if a server is needed, that equates to ~20min of time. – mu is too short Dec 27 '10 at 4:07
A low end VPS server can be had for cheap these days. Throw one up, put Apache and PHP on it, and you have a testbed for just this kind of situation. has VPS's for as low as $9/mo. (Note: I am not affiliated with I had one of their VPS's for awhile.) – Brian Clapper Dec 27 '10 at 4:09

It'd be hard to ask a non-techie person to get it running seeing that it would need apache or another server that would run the php. If I were you I'd probably set up a site that's password protected, you send the link & password to the people and they have a look.

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I recommend using something like XAMPP if you can get them to install it. Unfortunately, your website cannot run locally as is without the proper software.

Alternatively, you can either pay for web-hosting or create a server that you can access via its IP address from another user's machine. Make use of this guide for access control if you wish.

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