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I am trying to unit test my iPhone application. I have created a new target and called it "LogicTests". But now I need to use a class called "Spaceship" inside the test. How can I do that?


I made the Spaceship.m available to the unit testing target and that particular error was gone. Now I have different problem. The Spaceship.m file reference to the Cocos2d library. How can I add a reference to the Cocos2d library in the unit testing target. I tried right clicking the Link binary with libraries option and then adding the cocos2d framework but it gave me 153 errors or something.

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To include it in that target, click on Spaceship.m, get the file's Info (Command-I), and make sure "LogicTests" is checked under the Target tab.

Beyond that, make sure you add

#import "Spaceship.h"

To the top of the particular test class. Good luck!

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Please see my updated question! Thanks! – azamsharp Dec 27 '10 at 16:36

In Xcode 4 you press: Alt-Command-1 and then check that "LogicTests" is checked under the Target Membership tab.

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