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From what I understand, SWIG is to wrap C++/C to make it appear in Java, and javah is to implement certain java functions in C++ ( aka native functions ).
Is there a tool which can create a C++ wrapper over a java class, so that the caller. of this c++ wrapper doesn't have to worry about java, for example
Input Java is

  class hw {  
    public  void hi() {  
      System.out.println("Hello World");  

Tools outputs hw.hh ( and some. c++ files ), which can be used as:

hw *h = new hw(/*JEnv */ env);

Is there a tool available which can do this ?

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Are you expecting this wrapper to host a java virtual machine? That's non-trivial. – Ben Voigt Dec 27 '10 at 4:33
@Bgen Voigt : From what i read, i think it's lot of boilerplate code .. may be non-trivial, but sth that can be done by tool. All the existing tools are oriented towards using java as framework, and c++ code as library .. i was trying to do the opposite .. java as libraray, which c++ will call as and when needed. .. I've a feeling this type of tool can be done using java reflection api ! – Vardhan Dec 27 '10 at 14:02
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Options include, the following, in ascending order of expense to you.

  • Hand-written JNI code written by clients of your Java class.
  • Hand-written, JNI-driven wrappers written by you for clients of your class.
  • JACE-generated wrappers. JACE is a free tool. Last version was in 2008; not sure if development is continuing.
  • JunC++ion-generated wrappers. This commercial library produces the best results with the least development effort. It supports Java callbacks, with C++ classes implementing Java interfaces. The author is very responsive and a very nice guy. However, there is a price tag, and you'll want to be sure about deployment costs.
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I used this product a long time ago,

It will do exactly what you want.

Just a disclaimer, I used it almost 6 years ago. I am not affliated with this product.

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. looks the the site is down .. but good to know i'm the only one who has the problem (-: – Vardhan Dec 27 '10 at 14:03

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