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Even though LuceneIndexService takes GraphDataBaseService as an input parameter but it works only on EmbeddedGraphDatabase. However, It doesn't seem to work with RemoteGraphDatabase is it possible to do so ...

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For RemoteGraphDatabase there is an implementation of the IndexService called RemoteIndexService. In order to use it you need to first create and expose the IndexService on the server:

EmbeddedGraphDatabase graphDb = ...
IndexService index = new LuceneIndexService(graphDb);
BasicGraphDatabaseServer server = new LocalGraphDatabase(graphDb);
server.registerIndexService(index, "lucene index");
// Expose the server through RMI as usual...

Then on the client side you would do:

RemoteGraphDatabase graphDb = ...
IndexService index = new RemoteIndexService(graphDb, "lucene index");
// business as usual...

The next update of RemoteGraphDatabase will use the new index API of Neo4j introduced in 1.2, that will make this much more convenient.

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