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Can JDBC component be used for inserting Java objects into a Mysql database ? I want to store Java objects that i am routing through message exchanges into a database using spring xml .

i have never used hibernate before , so cannot use the hibernate or JPA components

Ex Code :

   <from uri="bean:MessageProducer?method=send" /> /* bean sending the objects */

     /* what code do i need to write for insertion of these Objects into testdb */

     <to uri="jdbc:testdb"/>
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There is an example on how to do this in Section 7.6 of Chapter 7 of the Camel In Action book. I can't paste the content here. If you are working on Camel then this book is of great help.

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hey thanks for the quick reply.but another problem arose ,i have written the routes in a spring xml .Now, i want to query the in-memory hsqldb from the java code . how do i do it ? below code doesn't work CamelContext ctx = (CamelContext) new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("META-INF/spring/camel-context.xml"); JpaEndpoint endpoint = (JpaEndpoint) ctx.getEndpoint("jpa:camel.PurchaseOrder"); –  sanre6 Dec 27 '10 at 13:18

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