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I'm trying to implement global hotkeys in my application. I've got hooking and I've got the support for windows, so I just need to get some linux specific parts together. What I need is a way to get the key code/key sym for a specific key, something along the lines of key_ids["VK_A"] or key_ids["VK_LCTRL"].

I'm using Xlib and a record callback to get keyboard events.

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VK_* are windows-specific - the model under X is a little different You might look at Global Hotkey with X11/Xlib to see what the pieces are called under Xlib; you need to build a mask from the modifiers, not treat them as keys, to actually do an XGrabKey.

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Thanks, the model in that answer should be very transferable to Python and my problem. A bit of rewrite here and there never hurt anybody. –  dutt Jan 11 '11 at 23:38

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