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lets say that I have table called post (id, title, content) and table called comment(id, post_id, name, content). I am doing that in mvc way. Lets say that I have method in post class called view($post_id){...}. That method will display post and comments. What is the best way to display comments? Should I include comments model? Or is there more clever way of doing that?

Thanks, Vizualni.

EDIT: language is PHP

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You can use a single query to come up with both posts and comments because you have set up PK and FK for your tables, no need to go for a separate comments model. For example, if you set up your query like this:

    p.*, AS comment_id,, c.content
    post p INNER JOIN comment c ON = c.post_id

Now if you put above query in single posts model, you don't need to go for comments model because this query will bring in all your posts along with their comments.

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You could display all comments in that view method, but I think it would be better (and more true to you mvc pattern) to make it a separate model.

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