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i am new to asp.net mvc2 and i am working on asp.net mvc2 areas.

when i have a static page in area it is showing result as expected.

the problem is when i am trying to call my details page like

http://wesitename/area/controller/detailsaction/parameter i am getting a problem with my styles(missing some styles)

i mean to say i am not getting the the result as expected(without styles.).

if try to call my href="../../area/controller/details?Length=<%parameter id%>" i am getting the result with full styles loaded and with out any problem. but the problem is here it is passing null parameter to my action method.

how i tested means i hard coded my logic like

ActionResult Details(int? id)
    var result = _dataContext.TableName.Where(a => a.id = 2);
    return View(result);

i don't know want wrong with my code.

and i don't know why it is taking for above url contains length and y not for href without Length.

can anyone give me an idea what i am doing wrong here.


if any complete example for areas with CRUD operations.

thanks in advance.

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On missing styles page, how is the stylesheet url looking like? –  chandmk Dec 27 '10 at 13:31
themeforest.net/item/karamel-admin/full_screen_preview/109145 please visit this link u ill find some onhover over effects for admin panel this url contains mainly left pane and right pane i am missing all the styles like images and onhover over effects and left pane with blank.if i am redirecting my url with parameters.if static pages i am getting all the styles as expected. –  Rajendra Prasad Dec 27 '10 at 13:45

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