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i wonder if there is any kinds of tools that can help me optimize my flash application CPU usage though it is not that much but i have designed a cover flow app and when the transitions happen the CPU usage goes sometimes even up to 80-90 percent and then it comes back down to 7-10 % (by the way my processor is a core 2 due :D )

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what kind of tools do you mean? something like mrdoob.com/80/Stats ? –  www0z0k Dec 27 '10 at 11:33
i don't know about an app that would reduce your cpu usage in flash but if you can reduce your image sizes that would help a lot...reducing compression in a jpeg from say 70% to 45% can make a big difference...also reducing the physical size in pixels can do a lot too. –  redconservatory Dec 27 '10 at 18:14

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