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I need to create a file that will define the schema of the database containing tables , attributes , relations . It will not contain any tuples or data values.
The file needs to be a generic one, i.e, it must be adaptable to every database(sqlite, mysql, sql server, db2, oracle X, etc.).
How do i create such a file? What extension is best suitable? How to read from the file?
I am currently using Java to code. Please suggest something compatible.

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I would suggest standard SQL, avoiding to use any dialect expression from a specific DBMS. Only CREATE TABLE statements and similar.

Also XML could be ok, but SQL it's ready to be executed and... it's standard! Which is fundamental.

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Why can't you just stick with ANSI SQL paying attention to the pitfalls described here.

If this is not you are looking for then look at the Apache Torque. It lets you define your DB schema and then it can generate and execute SQL out of it. We use Torque for similar kind of use case.

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