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I am working on WPF application with log4net logging. 

Also using one third party DLL for SWF file reading purpose. This DLL was developed with log4net logging.

When working with swf reading functionality in my application i have noticed that around 7MB of information logging in to my application logfile by third party dll. Because of this my application logfile size is increasing drastically.

Is there any way to disable that third party dll logging from my application configuration file.I don't have source code of this third party dll.

Could any one help me out to disable third party dll logging in my application.

Thanks In Advacne.

Regards KSR

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Download .NET reflector. Use it to determine what's the package root used by third party application. If it's Com.Thirdparty, then put this into your log4net configuration:

<logger name="Com.Thirdparty">
    <level value="OFF" />
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Hi darioo, Thanks a lot for your reply. It's working fine. –  SrinivaS Dec 27 '10 at 10:10
@SrinivaS: no problem. You can accept this answer if you find it useful. –  darioo Dec 27 '10 at 10:11

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