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Im guessing there is no way to get the function caller name in an anonymous function, is there ?

    var cls = function()
        this.foo = function()
            console.log(arguments.callee.caller); // null

        var foo1 = function()
            console.log(arguments.callee.caller); // foo

        var foo2 = function()
            console.log(arguments.callee.caller); // foo1
            cls.foo(); // local

        var cls =
            foo : function()
                console.log(arguments.callee.caller); // cls.foo2
    return (window.cls = cls);

var c1 = new cls();
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Correct - they're anonymous. If you need to know their names by callee, you'll need to give them a name. Will something like this.foo = function foo() rather than this.foo = function() work for you?

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I'm tying to figure out a function stack trace in jQuery. –  anjanesh Dec 27 '10 at 10:58
Named function expressions, which is what you're suggesting, have serious issues in IE. See kangax's article: kangax.github.com/nfe –  Tim Down Dec 27 '10 at 18:36
how can this be done where it is not possible to rename the anonymous function ? –  Welsh King Jan 22 '14 at 17:39

It is possible in recent versions of Chrome and Firefox as follows. I only recommend this for debugging purposes (e.g. javascript tracing in non-production)

var myNameInChrome = /.*Object\.(.*)\s\(/.exec(new Error().stack)[0];
var myNameInFF = new Error().stack.split("@")[0];
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