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I have to split a string and I want to avoid splitting it with commas inside parentheses. So how can I implement that?


$string = "string1 (sString1, sString2,(ssString1, ssString2)), string2, string3";

result should be:

   [0] => string1 (sString1, sString2,(ssString1, ssString2))
   [1] => string2
   [2] => string3
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This is not a job for a Regular Expression, since this expression is not regular. Compare with this epic, same thing. :) –  deceze Dec 27 '10 at 10:39

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You're going to get in an awful mess trying to do this with regex. It's very simple to loop through the characters of a string and do this kind of checking. Something like the following should work:


function specialsplit($string) {
    $level = 0;       // number of nested sets of brackets
    $ret = array(''); // array to return
    $cur = 0;         // current index in the array to return, for convenience

    for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($string); $i++) {
        switch ($string[$i]) {
            case '(':
                $ret[$cur] .= '(';
            case ')':
                $ret[$cur] .= ')';
            case ',':
                if ($level == 0) {
                    $ret[$cur] = '';
                // else fallthrough
                $ret[$cur] .= $string[$i];

    return $ret;

var_export(specialsplit("string1 (sString1, sString2,(ssString1, ssString2)), string2, string3"));

/*array (
  0 => 'string1 (sString1, sString2,(ssString1, ssString2))',
  1 => ' string2',
  2 => ' string3',

Note that this technique is a lot harder to do if you have more than a one-character string to split on.

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I tried my best... it may works for you..

$string = "string1 (sString1, sString2,(ssString1, ssString2)), string2, string3";
$pattern = '#(?<=\)),#';
echo "<pre>";

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Not a bad try..but fails for s1(s2,(s3,s4),(s5,s6)),s7 –  codaddict Dec 27 '10 at 11:51
@codeaddict thats why i said i tried my best.. my solution is only problem oriented..sorry –  diEcho Dec 27 '10 at 12:02

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