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I'd like to embed a movie watching application like VLC into my C# program using the GTK# binding.

Googling, I haven't seen many solutions that people have claimed to be easy or that work.

Experiences? Help?


Thanks, jbu

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I'm not sure for VLC but Banshee, a C# GTK+ multimedia app, uses GStreamer to embed videos in its interface. Maybe their code could help you.

GStreamer is cross-platform and has many plugins for most video formats out there.

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Why do you need to use a GTK#? (this may have something to do with Mono, and if so, my apologies, I know nothing about Mono).

If you've got a C# app, you can embed VLC in it with one of the VLC wrappers. Search the VideoLan forums. For instance, this thread. I've been using the Marx wrapper myself in my C# app. Works well.

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