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Using Regx, I want to extract digits which are followed by an specific word.
The number of digits may be countless.

Sample input:

My address is 1234@abc.com and you can send SMS to me.

Expected Result.


In this case, the specific word is @abc.com, and the digits followed by this word need to be extracted.

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Use the regular expression groups : on MSDN.

In C#, try this :

string pattern = @"(\d+)@abc\.com";
string input = "My address is 15464684@abc.com and you can send SMS to me";
Match match = Regex.Match(input, pattern);

// Get the first named group.
Group group1 = match.Groups[1];
Console.WriteLine("Group 1 value: {0}", group1.Success ? group1.Value : "Empty");
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You will need to match 1234@abc.com and use a grouping to extract the digits:

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.* (\d+)@abc\.com .* should work.

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