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i am using protege 4 to create an ontology

if the question was not clear, here is an example :

Superclass is (thing)

Subclasses are as follow (company) that has two data properties (company name) & (company abbreviation) (social network) (service)

an instance of company class is (macintosh) that has two data properties (macintosh) & (MAC)

an instance of social network class is (facebook)

an instance of service class is (adsence)

1# i want to say that mac has a logo and facebook has a logo so, logo has to be a class ? and if , how to relate an individual to a class by a relation ? is this possible to do ?

2# how to relate two individuals by a relation in protege ?

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logo is a data property because logo itself has no properties and relations. It only has a value.


You will have to relate them while defining their classes first. Properties relate different classes. after that when you create an individual you will see a properties assertions panel. in this panel you can define relationships.

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