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I'm working with an iPad project. the problem below does not occur for iPhone projects (oddly enough)

here is what i see in IB

alt text

and here is what appears in the simulator alt text

i've used a segmented control with style = "Bezelled". When i change the style to "Bar", IB and simulator are consistent in the display. the style is set in interface builder and not in code, if that matters

Also - the edges look rather ugly in the simulator. not what i expected even when it rendered incorrectly.

Thanks in advance

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Can you check attributes in your Interface Builder ?? This is what I have and I got a consistent segmented control in both IB and simulator !! (we're sorry, but as a spam prevention mechanism, new users aren't allowed to post images. Earn more than 10 reputation to post images.) (we're sorry, but as a spam prevention mechanism, new users can only post a maximum of one hyperlink. Earn more than 10 reputation to post more hyperlinks.) http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/1938/screenshot20101227at740.png

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@MacDev - My bad. I forgot to mention that this problem is occurring in iPad. In fact until now i had not tested in iphone. Iphone rendering is consistent. but a blank project using ipad with the same steps is rendering it oddly. Weird! –  Abhinav Gujjar Dec 27 '10 at 13:01
XCode 3.2.5 !! Can you check XCode version you are using ... it shouldnt render differently in previous xcode version, are you using XCode4 ? Quit XCode , IB then try creating a blank project again... can you zip your project and send to testusermac123@gmail.com –  0x8badf00d Dec 27 '10 at 14:47

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