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How we can hook up a code inside a python process so that it should send an alert in case of shutdown of process/abrupt termination ?

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Are you asking about Unix Signal handling? –  S.Lott Dec 27 '10 at 12:49

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Use Supervisor Daemon

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It's not clear what exactly you mean. Shutdown/abort of the process itself? Or of a child process?

  • Shutdown/abort of a process itself: Have a look at Pythons atexit module; here you can register a callback for when your program cleanly exits. But there is absolutely no way for you to catch all circumstances, if your program fails b/o a serious issue (e.g. segfault) your atexit handlers will never get called. You need a supervising process to catch absolutely all aborts.
  • Shutdown/abort of a child process: If you e.g. use the subprocess module you can simply call poll() or wait() on popen objects to see if the spawned process is dead / wait for them to die. For a more advanced implementation use Pythons signal module to set a handler for SIGCHLD - this signal is sent to your process whenever one of the child processes terminates.
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