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I am new to linux and RoR and was looking for some advice and best practices in respect to:

  1. Path to my ruby source
  2. Path to public folder
  3. Permissions on each

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Capistrano, which is popular in the RoR community, uses /u/apps/your_app/current where current is a symlink to a timestamp directory with the latest version of the source code. That's as reasonable a place as any, although I prefer /var/www/your_app. See this diagram.

  2. leave it where RoR has it by default, under your rails application root

  3. By default I use 570 (r-xrwx---) for directories and 460 (r--rw-----) for files with the owner set to www-data, which is the user my web server (nginx) and app server (RoR) execute as. I set the group to a group called webadmin and add my login to that group so I can deploy and make changes. If your app needs to write to any files or directories, add write permission to specific files/directories on an as-needed basis.

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