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I have this typical scenario. I have a smartclient application built on .net 2.0 framework on windows. The details of the application is irrelevant. This is not a learning project but a real mid level enterprise application which I need to port.

I need to port my BusinessLayer and DataLayer to Linux (with oracle as backend).

I am only slightly aware of the MONO project MONO Project

Has anyone did this kind of thing? If yes please point me to the appropriate resource which will help in migrating/porting my BL/DL to Linux.

Also does MONO support WCF/webservices? Is there any caveat to it?

Some real experience needed here with respect to

  • the ease of porting/migrating
  • the issues faced
  • any specific challenges
  • known limitation etc.

I haven't done this kind of activity. So, any inputs w.r.t. this will be helpful and this will be really a learning exercise for me.


Got one pointer The Mono Migration Analyzer Tool

This may seem to be useful, but not in my case as I am mostly dealing with BL/DL/Services. But may be useful for someone. Will give this a try.

If anyone has any other resources apart from answered by me below will also be helpful.

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Just so you know, it's Mono, not MONO. – Zifre Apr 11 '09 at 23:51
Thanks for pointing this out. – rajesh pillai Apr 14 '09 at 7:11
Updated link for The Mono Migration Analyzer Tool: – JPaget Jan 10 '11 at 19:01
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I think the following articles on codeproject which deals with porting .net application to MONO might be useful. This was a competion arranged in partnership with "Mainsoft's Grasshopper". Seems to be a good tool.

-Race to Linux - Race 2: Time Tracker Starter Kit

-ASP.NET TimeTracker Starter Kits Porting from Windows to Linux

-Race to Linux - Race 3: Reports Starter Kit using Mono SqlServer/Firebird

AND a good overall introduction for developing on MONO can be found at

Introduction to Mono - ASP.NET with XSP and Apache

And here's a guide to porting applications to MONO

Guide to porting application to MONO

This is not a full answer to the question but just some useful resources which I found out.

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