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I'm new to web development, I know some javascript, html, css and I'm learning php. The problem is that I don't find good resource on how to put it all together.

Any recommendation will be appreciated.

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Well. The problem is (was for me) the learning curve. Having read books that tries to put js html php sql together (even books html-css together). Has for me been. A total waste of time. Focus on sources (books, web) that does one thing only and does it well and throughout is more time efficient. –  r4. Jun 21 '12 at 0:23

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You can look in this list-of-freely-available-programming-books here on SO for further information.

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Assuming "putting it all together" means in single page

//css here
<script language="javascript">
//js here
   <h1>first page</h1>
     //php code here
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Good sense of humor, I'll give you that. –  Alex Jun 20 '12 at 13:52

Besides looking around Google (or similar) for tutorials, you can pick up a beginners book. We used Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript in a class I was a TA in, it's pretty good for learning the basics of web dev.

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