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I need to execute a Process where a file is downloaded using ftp and then parsed and the results used to update some tables in a database.

The system is built using a WPF client using WCF services to talk with the database.

I need to start the process from the WPF application. Now my question is:

Should I download the file on the client and then use the wpf to parse the data and to do the update using the services?

or should I download the file to the server where the services are hosted and proceed to update the database there? And if so how do I provide feedback to the client that the process is running/finished,etc?

I preffer the second alternative, but I am not sure on how to implement the feedback on the background process...


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there can be number of solutions to your problem but i can think of two at the moment

1- you can maintain a flag in the database table, which a bckground thread in wpf apllication poll at a set interval and read the flag and update status.

2- you can make use of FileSystemWatcher , if you are on the Intranet and you can write into the file that you are processing a file and FSW will update the WPF application.

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Thanks I ended up using something like you suggested and it works great!!! –  Luis Dec 31 '10 at 1:58

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