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C# and word interop, I have a word document with some textboxs (msoTextBox shapes), the problem that I can't iterate through the shapes collection with the code below :

foreach (Shape shape in WordDocument.Shapes)

although when setting a breakpoint in the loop line I can see that WordDocument.Shapes.Count returns 4.

I note that textboxs are inserted using open xml sdk.

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I've found there's a problem when textboxes are used. Take a look at this solution.

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From Code Project :

    // Get the word count from all shapes
    foreach (Word.Shape shape in wordDocument.Shapes)
        if (shape.TextFrame.HasText < 0)

From what you said, you look like you do the right thing.

Can you give us the Error StackTrace ?

PS : I know my question should have been in the comments, but it wouldn't have been readable :)

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