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I have to deserialize a JSON object like this

[{"Key":{"id":0, "Name":"an Object"}, "Value":true},
{"Key":{"id":0, "Name":"an Object"}, "Value":true}]

I know how to deserialize arrays and singleobjects or variables. but I'm in the blue about dictionaries.

I'm using the following to read an array

NetworkEvent n = (NetworkEvent) evt;
byte[] data = (byte[]) n.getMetaData();

AnObject[] anObject= null;
 try {
     JSONArray json = new JSONArray(new String(data, "UTF-8"));
     anObject= AnObject.getAnObjects(json);
 } catch (Exception ex) {

The final code solution:

        Object[] objects= new Object[json.length()];
        for (int i = 0; i < json.length(); ++i) {

            Key key= null;
            Value value = null;
            try {
                JSONObject keyValuePair = json.getJSONObject(i);
                key= Key.getKey(keyValuePair.getJSONObject("Key"));
                value= keyValuePair.getBoolean("Value");
            } catch (JSONException ex) {

          Object object= new object();

          Objects[i] = object;
        return objects;
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What you have there is not a JSON object. It is an array of JSON objects, and therefore your current code should work.

I think that your "problem" is that you are using the wrong terminology.

This is an attribute or name/value pair:


This is an object:

{"id":0, "Name":"an Object"}

This is also an object:

{"Key":{"id":0, "Name":"an Object"}, "Value":true}

This is an array (of objects)

[{"Key":{"id":0, "Name":"an Object"}, "Value":true},
 {"Key":{"id":0, "Name":"an Object"}, "Value":true}]

For more details, refer to the json.org site.

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that clarified a lot :) –  Demian Kasier Dec 27 '10 at 14:27

Try the Jackson library.

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I'm using json.org --Changing libraries in this phase of the project is not an option. But it looks a great library –  Demian Kasier Dec 27 '10 at 14:17

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