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I use WallpaperManager.getDrawable() to get the current wallpaper and then convert it to bitmap to do something else. I find that sometimes I will get the wrong data of wallpaper when the device rotates continuously. For example, the width and height of wallpaper is about portrait when the device is in the landscape mode.

Does anyone know how to detect the current orientation of wallpaper or any related data about wallpaper orientation?

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Not sure if this helps? –  gotnull Jan 5 '11 at 14:18

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I realize that this answer is almost a year late, but hopefully the following provides a solution for others trying to determine the orientation of their wallpapers:


the above code will return an integer which is equal to Surface.ROTATION_0, Surface.ROTATION_90, Surface.ROTATION_180, or Surface.ROTATION_270.

Note: this refers to the WallpaperService.

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