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I feel like I am always reinventing the wheel for each application when it needs to load/save general settings to an xml file. What is the best way to manage basic application settings that the user can adjust and need to be saved/restored?

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I like the use of custom configuration sections in .config files coupled with loading external .config files instead of the standard app.config.

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I agree, app.config / appsettings are bad practice IMO. –  Chris Marisic Jan 17 '09 at 21:20

Are you using Visual Studio? There's a built-in settings manager and I find it works well for most situations. Just don't forget to call Settings.Save() before the application quits.

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Why do people recommend app.config or web.config? they are the ugliest files in the world. Try your own XML http://www.picnet.com.au/blogs/Guido/post/2009/09/10/XML-Settings-Files-No-more-webconfig.aspx

This design is easy to get used to and once you do you will never go back to those ugly files again.

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Probably not the "best" method (eg, bc it restarts the web app), but if you need something that's quick & dirty, like for a small app where you just need to access/change a handful of simple values, take a look at

http://www.dotnetspark.com/Forum/656-how-to-modify-webconfig-file-dynamically.aspx (see Lalit's response)


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File / New Item... and choose Settings. You can then configure user and application settings and VS generates a class that gives you easy access to those settings.

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