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I have this:

_gameService = new GameService();
            ViewBag.Data = _gameService.JoinGame(userID, gameID, whoJoin);
            return View("Game");

This code gets list of users that are ingame, and pass it to game view. Nothing fancy.

On the game view I need to get single values from ViewBag in diffrent places, like UserID, GameID, Moves etc.

Using Strongly Typed view is not an option, because I need list of users that are in game, and strongly-typed view give me only option to store single user(which won't work in multiplayer game)

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You should really use strongly typed views. Here is small intro. They are really more flexible. You can create class like PlayerList with a field of List type and then iterate it in your view (Explanation). And here is explanation how to pass strongly typed lists to View.

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