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Is there a way to create a corpus without having to have items in files. For instance, I want to manipulate Tweets or paragraphs that I am grabbing from the web. Can I do something like

myCorpus = MyCorpus([
    ('id', 'item', 'category'), 
    ('id', 'item', 'category'),
    ('id', 'item', 'category'), 
    ... ])


myCorpus.add('id', 'item', 'category')

The purpose is to manipulate the corpus with existing NLTK capabilities. I checked TextCollection but it seems that it doesn't handle categories.

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Why not just write the strings out to a file or files and then process them as a corpus?

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It may be faster to keep things in memory. For example, if you're scraping content from the web. –  Tim McNamara Jan 10 '11 at 7:22

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