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there is a LocParam If in lift framework. I'm wondering how it is meant to work. I have a simple menu of several items like this one:

val scanning = Menu(Loc("scanning","user" :: "scanning" :: Nil, 
S ? "scanning",LocGroup("user")))

which works just good, but when I add the If, there is weird behaviour. Firstly, the labels that are rendered in the <a> tag are not correct, they are taken from other Menu definitions. (Instead of the content of resource key "scanning", I see the contents of S ? "homepage"). Secondly, it just doesn't work, I assume, that the condition should redirect all accesses on /user/scanning to / since the condition is false everytime and it just lets the underlying snippet to render itself as if there wasn't any condition.

val scanning = Menu(Loc("scanning","user" :: "scanning" :: Nil, 
S ? "scanning",LocGroup("user"),If(() => false,() => RedirectResponse("/"))))
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() => false

That tells lift to never show your menu entry. So what you see is probably a different entry...

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but I can see the entry, the href attribute still points to the same url and is acessible... – coubeatczech Dec 27 '10 at 18:21

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