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This is very annoying. I can't search for anything in the iOS reference library. There is a box called "Search iOS Reference Library" on the main page of the library. But no matter what I enter, it never returns anything. I have tried this on several computers and it does the same thing on all of them. What am I doing wrong. I type in something like "NSString" expecting a description and nothing is returned.

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Make sure you have the correct doc set(s) selected (right below the toolbar), and check that the documentation has actually been downloaded (Xcode preferences => Documentation).

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This is the URL that I am referring to where search does not appear to function: – Jay Allan Dec 27 '10 at 16:06
Ah. Why not use the native documentation on the Mac? Much faster anyway. The search seems just broken. It works when using the search bar in the upper right corner, though. – Eiko Dec 27 '10 at 16:10

If you are performing search on XCode, can you check your firewall settings...? also under XCode -> Preferences -> Documentation -> Documentation Sets Do you see iOS 4.2 Library MAC OS X 10.6 Core Library if not do a check and install now... also under quick help check the box's you want XCode to do quick search for you.. ( Default everything is checked ) I am assuming its because of firewall( Not sure )!!

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