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Is there a good scraper gem for rails? I remember reading a blog post about one recently but can't find it atm.


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Nokogiri, also checkout SelectorGadget - generates CSS selectors for you

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Tried both ScrAPI and Nokogiri for an application of mine.

Nokogiri is much more robust to different encodings (utf, windows-XXXX, etc). It just works.

With ScrAPI, I had to detect the encoding first as described in this article. No worries with Nokogiri, as it handles the encoding gracefully.

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Mechanize, Hpricot are also very useful. Refer to following links to know how to start with these tools -

http://rorguide.blogspot.com/2011/04/simple-ruby-screen-scraper-using.html (Simple Ruby Screen Scraper using Mechanize, Hpricot and XPath )

http://rorguide.blogspot.com/2011/04/simple-ruby-screen-scraper-in-just-5.html (Simple Ruby Screen Scraper in just 5 lines without using XPath )

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