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in a latex file called "main.tex" i can write the line

\input /home/user1/defs.tex

to input the conents of "defs.tex" at the position of that command.

now i want to generalize this, so that any user can compile the tex-document and "defs.tex" inside his home-directory is being inserted. my first guess

\input ~/defs.tex

didnt work. does anyone know how to solve this?

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I'm not sure, but I recommend you ask over at where it's for TeX/LaTeX specific questions – Jonathon Bolster Dec 27 '10 at 16:46

Thus, it would seem that:

\immediate\write18{echo $HOME >/tmp/foo.tex}

might do the trick. Or some such.

NOTE: I'm not a TeX expert, so be sure to read the referenced article carefully, and be prepared to experiment.

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