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I am looking to auto tab from one RadNumericTextBox to the next once the MaxLength has been reached.

I can do this in classic ASP, but cannot figure it out in .Net. Below is an example of my RadNumericTextBox.

<telerik:RadNumericTextBox ID="RadNumericTextBox_ExpLocation" runat="server" Width="20px"
MaxLength="3" NumberFormat-AllowRounding="False" Type="Number" NumberFormat-KeepTrailingZerosOnFocus="True"
IncrementSettings-InterceptMouseWheel="false" >
<NumberFormat DecimalDigits="0" GroupSeparator="" AllowRounding="false" KeepNotRoundedValue="false" />

AHIA, Larry...

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If that control renders a regular textbox on the client then you might just use a jquery plugin to autotab the boxes.


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