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I need to create a very simple webpage for my friend. But I'm a little bit out of the stream, I don't know what kind of technologies are best right now.

So here is my question - what CMS/framework/etc should I use to build such a webpage:

  • a webpage of
  • It will contain some simple informations, news page and few galleries. It is almost all that I need.
  • I may be forced to create few language versions of this page (probably 2 versions: polish and english).
  • CMS must be as simple as possible. My friend's internet skills are not so good ;)
  • It should allow me to create custom, good-looking page

I considered such tools as joomla, drupal or wordpress. Which one you think would be best for me? Or maybe some other?

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Wordpress, without a shadow of a doubt. It supports internationalisation almost out of the box and is very easy to use - Drupal and Joomla require a lot more effort on the part of content creators to understand and work with. It's also extremely easy to customise and enjoys probably the best documentation of any of its peers.

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OK, thanks. I think I will give wordpress a try. –  Gacek Dec 28 '10 at 10:28

You can also give websitebaker a try. It offers very good usability and easy template creation.

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