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I am developing new SiteTemplate project in VS 2010. I didn't change anything, and I clicked Deploy to check if it is working on my SP server. And it doesn't ...

Why isn't it working? Plz, help.

I'm developing on Client system (Windows 7) - i have installed autonomous instance of Sharepoint. I haven't changed anything in SP central admin, i also checked folders in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\SiteTemplates and files deployed successfully...

Any suggestions for solving problem will be really appreciated.

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There are three properties that control a site template's visibility:

  • IsHidden that controls the visibility of the site template in the UI;
  • IsRootWebOnly that determines if the site template is available for site collection root web site only;
  • IsSubWebOnly that determines if the web template is available for sub-web sites only.

Mostly likely the problem is due to improper setting of one of these properties.

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