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I don't want to reinvent the wheel ... I am looking for how to configure emacs with distel in order to debug erlang application. I am on windows 2003 server. .emacs file must be modified but what else ? does a simple procedure exist ?

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I think I've only set it up on linux and mac, though. Hopefully there's not too many (or any!) gotchas.

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I know this blog. Doesn't work for me ? I always have the following message: Module is not interpreted ... – Bertaud Dec 27 '10 at 21:54
It seems that an .erlang file must contain a path to distel. I didn' find any file with this name in my computer ! and under windows the files cannot begin by a dot. Shall I create this file and how ? – Bertaud Dec 27 '10 at 23:26
I don't have time to try it, but perhaps these clues will help. You can create files in Windows that start with a dot if you install the cygwin unix environment. You can find the directory that erlang thinks is "home" (where the .erlang file should go) by calling the right module function. I forget what it is, but Joe mentions it in his book, I think when discussing the .cookie file. – mwt Dec 30 '10 at 22:09

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