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Google Chrome version (8.0.552.224 (Official Build 68599))

I have developed a web site using asp.net mvc and jquery. it uses a lot of ajax.
I noticed that occasionally a web page does not complete loading all files from the server.

Browsing through forums It seems that this also happens to other people.
Looking in to the Chromium Net-Internals ( type: chrome://net-internals/ as a url in the chrome browser ) I noticed that the pages do not complete loading if a NETWORK_IP_ADDRESSES_CHANGED event occurred.

Any files that were not fetched from the server before the time of the NETWORK_IP_ADDRESSES_CHANGED event failed to arrive with error (-3)

Do you know why the NETWORK_IP_ADDRESSES_CHANGED event occurs?
Is there a way to stop it from happening?

Thanks and be happy, Julian

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This has been accepted by the Chromium team as a bug.

If you are interested to track its progress it can be found here

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