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class Pet (db.model):
  owner = db.ReferenceProperty(User)
  vet = db.ReferenceProperty(Vet)
  name = db.StringProperty()

How do I query for Pets that have user Owner A and Vet B? I assume the references in the Pet class are keys. Please post a reference if you know a good one - I could not find a good example in the docs.

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They are keys.

And you can get them from a model instance or you can generate them from scratch.

Filter on a key: Question GQL ReferenceProperty filter

db.GqlQuery("SELECT * FROM Pet WHERE owner = :1 and vet = :2", owner.key(), vet.key())

Pet.all().filter("owner =", owner.key()).filter("vet =", vet.key())

Create keys using from_path: Datastore key.from_path

Key.from_path(kind, id_or_name, parent=none, namespace=None, **kwds)
Key.from_path('Pet', 'Dr Vet')
Key.from_path('Pet', 123)
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positional parameters should be marked with : – systempuntoout Dec 27 '10 at 21:14
Thx @systempuntooout, fixed. – kevpie Dec 27 '10 at 21:47

After some trial and error I found the solution was straight forward:

q = Pet.all()
q.filter("owner", owner)
q.filter("vet", vet)
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Have a look to Gqlquery class:

db.GqlQuery("SELECT * FROM Pet WHERE owner = :1 AND vet = :2", user.key(), vet.key())
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