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I have a XAML element that binds to a property of the DataContext:

<ListBox ItemsSource="SectionViewModels" />

This binds to a property:

    public IList<SectionViewModel> SectionViewModels
            // ...

When the page is loaded, this property is called multiple times, even though I haven't fired any PropertyChanged events. Is this to be expected, or does it mean I have a bug?

(I'm building a Silverlight app on Windows Phone 7.)

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Without getting into the specifics of your issue, you should use an ObservableCollection for this sort of thing - if you're binding directly to a collection in Silverlight or WP7, an ObservableCollection will eliminate 99.9% of garbage you will deal with trying to create a cross-thread binding yourself.

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The reason I'm not using an ObservableCollection is because the Section objects are in one, and the SectionViewModels are a query on that collection. By using an enumerable instead of a collection, I don't have to worry about the two staying in sync. –  Rosarch Dec 28 '10 at 4:35

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