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Good afternoon,

I have some rows in a table and need to transfer them to another table.

In the destination table i need also to add a field with an incremental value.

I'm doing this way, but i know that something in the insert is wrong, because the incremented value (intCodInterno) is always the same:

        ( strCodigo ,
          strDescricao ,
          intCodInterno ,
          intCodTaxaIvaCompra ,
          intCodTaxaIvaVenda ,
          strCodCategoria ,
          strAbrevMedStk ,
          strAbrevMedVnd ,
          strAbrevMedCmp ,
        SELECT  A.Artigo ,
                a.Descricao ,
                '3' ,
                '3' ,
                '1' ,
                'Un' ,
                'Un' ,
                'Un' ,
        FROM PRIVESAM.DBO.Artigo A)

What do i need to change so the value is incremented correcty?

Thank you.


I made a small change in the query, and now it works. I just insert a SELECT in the IDENT_CURRENT inside brackets:


I got all the rows that i need from the old table to the new with the incremented value.

Thank you all for the help.

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If you use IDENT_CURRENT that would signify you have a IDENTITY column on that table; just do not specify that column in your list of columns and don't insert any values to it - an IDENTITY column will automatically get a new, unique value when an INSERT happens.... – marc_s Dec 27 '10 at 19:10
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the IDENT_CURRENT('Emp_VISOT.dbo.TBL_GCE_ARTIGOS')+1 evaluated once when you want to run the query and all the rows will get the same id.

first solution is to iterate over the select result by a loop construct like cursor or whatsoever and insert the incremented index(you do that)

second solution is to make that column in destination table identity

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Unfortunately in the destination table already exists a column with IDENTITY. – Filipe Costa Dec 27 '10 at 19:26
look for a way to use that column's value to be value of intCodInterno column, sth like a persisted computed column or ... – Jani Dec 27 '10 at 19:59

Remove the part with intCodInterno and in SQL Server use the Identity property to automatically increment it for you.

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IDENT_CURRENT won't update until the transaction commits, therefore its value remains constant until you insert.

Here are three options for fixing this issue:

  1. Use some kind of counter (@newRowNum) such that for each row in your SELECT query, @newRowNum = @newRowNum +1, and thus your intCodInterno number = IDENT_CURRENT() + @newRowNum. This would probably require a lot of hacking to work though. Don't recommend it.

  2. Insert your rows sequentially using the same business logic you have now - it will be tremendously less performant, however. Don't recommend it.

  3. Set that column in your destination table to be an identity column itself. This is by far the best way to do it.

If you need a custom identity function (I assume there's a reason you're not using an identity column now), you can create one using some of the steps outlined above: http://www.sqlteam.com/article/custom-auto-generated-sequences-with-sql-server

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In my case , i Inserted rows sequentially using the same business logic. I cannot use auto increment as i have to import old data also into this column. Once you have imported the data then u may go for updating the column for auto increment .

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