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I would like to get a list of modified and added files in an specific commit so that I can export them and generate a package with the file structure.

The idea is to get the package and extract it on the server. For many reasons I can't create a hook to pull the repo automatically and the easiest way I have to keep the server updated is generating this package.

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git diff-tree -r --no-commit-id --name-only --diff-filter=ACMRT $commit_id
  1. git diff-tree -r $commit_id:

    Take a diff of the given commit to its parent(s) (including all subdirectories, not just the top directory).

  2. --no-commit-id --name-only:

    Do not output the commit SHA1. Output only the names of the affected files instead of a full diff.

  3. --diff-filter=ACMRT:

    Only show files added, copied, modified, renamed or that had their type changed (eg. file → symlink) in this commit. This leaves out deleted files.

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Now I just have to find ou a way to glue the result of this command with tar! Thank you! –  Taverneiro Jan 4 '11 at 21:58
@Taverneiro You can pipe it to the tar command given in this answer, eg. for a tgz file : git diff-tree -r --no-commit-id --name-only --diff-filter=ACMRT $commit_id | tar -czf file.tgz -T - –  Matthieu Sadouni Dec 19 '14 at 10:09
git diff-tree -r --no-commit-id --name-only --diff-filter=ACMRT $commit_id | xargs tar -rf mytarfile.tar

Just to round this out, here is the command piped to tar. This exports the files into a tar archive.

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that's awesome! –  LeandroCR Oct 29 '13 at 19:59
Can this be done for multiple commits into one tar file? –  evolutionxbox Aug 14 '14 at 13:54
When trying to add multiple commits to the same tar file, sometimes tar creates filename.ext again with other name (filename1.ext). I realize that if I use zip, I can add and overwrite the file if it exists in the zip... You just need to replace the xargs with xargs zip -r0 myzipfile.zip $1 –  Ricardo Martins Sep 23 '14 at 17:39

Here is a one-line command that works on Windows 7. Run it from your repository's top-level folder.

for /f "usebackq tokens=*" %A in (`git diff-tree -r --no-commit-id --name-only --diff-filter=ACMRT HEAD~1 HEAD`) do echo FA|xcopy "%~fA" "C:\git_changed_files\%A"

  • echo FA answers the inevitable xcopy question about whether you're copying a file or a directory (file), and the possible question about overwriting a file (overwrite All)
  • usebackq allows us to use the output from our git command as the input to our do clause
  • HEAD~1 HEAD gets all differences between the previous commit and the current HEAD
  • %~fA transforms the git output into fully qualified paths (needed to change forward slashes to backslashes)
  • C:\git_changed_files\ is where you will find all the files that are different
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When I saw that mess of symbols I did not expect it to work without extensive tweaking... but it worked on the first try, thanks. –  Nathan Fig Mar 27 '14 at 20:33

if your commit hash is for example a9359f9, this command :

git archive -o patch.zip a9359f9 $(git diff --name-only a9359f9^..a9359f9)

will extract the files modified in the commit and place them in patch.zip while keeping the project directory structure intact.

a bit verbose, the commit hash is mentioned three times, but it seems to work for me.

got it here : http://tosbourn.com/2011/05/git/using-git-to-create-an-archive-of-changed-files/

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I think I can use function in PowerShell to reduce the command to just a function name and use $args to pass in the commit hash just once. In *nix, you can probably use shell-scripting to achieve the same effect. –  ADTC Aug 28 '14 at 4:10
Man... I own you a beer :) –  deanpodgornik Apr 2 at 18:41
just a note that git archive doesn't work for a range of revisions –  Ben Sewards Jun 12 at 19:11

I have made a php script to export changed files on Windows. If you have a localhost development server with php set up then you can run it easily. It will remember your last repository and export always to the same folder. The export folder is always emptied before exporting. You will also see deleted files in red so you know what to delete on the server.

These are just two files so I will post them here. Let's assume your repositories are located under c:/www in their own folders and that http://localhost also points to c:/www and is php-enabled. Let's put these 2 files in c:/www/git-export -

index.php :

/* create directory if doesn't exist */
function createDir($dirName, $perm = 0777) {
    $dirs = explode('/', $dirName);
    foreach ($dirs as $part) {
        if (!is_dir($dir) && strlen($dir)>0) {
            mkdir($dir, $perm);

/* deletes dir recursevely, be careful! */
function deleteDirRecursive($f) {

    if (strpos($f, "c:/www/export" . "/") !== 0) {
        exit("deleteDirRecursive() protection disabled deleting of tree: $f  - please edit the path check in source php file!");

    if (is_dir($f)) {
        foreach(scandir($f) as $item) {
            if ($item == '.' || $item == '..') {

            deleteDirRecursive($f . "/" . $item);

    } elseif (is_file($f)) {

$lastRepoDirFile = "last_repo_dir.txt";
$repo = isset($_POST['repo']) ? $_POST['repo'] : null;

if (!$repo && is_file($lastRepoDirFile)) {
    $repo = file_get_contents($lastRepoDirFile);

$range = isset($_POST['range']) ? $_POST['range'] : "HEAD~1 HEAD";

$ini = parse_ini_file("git-export.ini");

$exportDir = $ini['export_dir'];

<title>Git export changed files</title>

<form action="." method="post">
    repository: <?=$ini['base_repo_dir'] ?>/<input type="text" name="repo" value="<?=htmlspecialchars($repo) ?>" size="25"><br/><br/>

    range: <input type="text" name="range" value="<?=htmlspecialchars($range) ?>" size="100"><br/><br/>

    target: <strong><?=$exportDir ?></strong><br/><br/>

    <input type="submit" value="EXPORT!">


if (!empty($_POST)) {

    /* ************************************************************** */
    file_put_contents($lastRepoDirFile, $repo); 

    $repoDir = $ini['base_repo_dir'] ."/$repo";
    $repoDir = rtrim($repoDir, '/\\');

    echo "<hr/>source repository: <strong>$repoDir</strong><br/>";
    echo "exporting to: <strong>$exportDir</strong><br/><br/>\n";


    // empty export dir
    foreach (scandir($exportDir) as $file) {
        if ($file != '..' && $file != '.') {

    // execute git diff
    $cmd = "git --git-dir=$repoDir/.git diff $range --name-only";

    exec("$cmd 2>&1", $output, $err);

    if ($err) {
        echo "Command error: <br/>";
        echo implode("<br/>", array_map('htmlspecialchars', $output));

    // $output contains a list of filenames with paths of changed files
    foreach ($output as $file) {

        $source = "$repoDir/$file";

        if (is_file($source)) {
            if (strpos($file, '/')) {
                createDir("$exportDir/" .dirname($file));

            copy($source, "$exportDir/$file");
            echo "$file<br/>\n";

        } else {
            // deleted file
            echo "<span style='color: red'>$file</span><br/>\n";


git-export.ini :

; path to all your git repositories for convenience - less typing
base_repo_dir = c:/www

; if you change it you have to also change it in the php script
; in deleteDirRecursive() function - this is for security
export_dir = c:/www/export

And now load localhost/git-export/ in a browser. The script is set up to export always to c:/www/export - change all paths to suit your environment or modify the script to suit your needs.

This will work if you have Git installed so that the git command is in your PATH - this can be configured when you run the windows Git installer.

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I needed to update my test server and add files that changed since version 2.1.
For me worked similar solution as James Ehly posted, but in my case i wanted to export to archive package of difference between two older tags - tag_ver_2.1 and tag_ver_2.2 not the only one commit.

For example:

tag_ver_2.1 = 1f72b38ad
tag_ver_2.2 = c1a546782

Here is modified example:

git diff-tree -r --no-commit-id --name-only c1a546782 1f72b38ad | xargs tar -rf test.tar
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