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I have a PHP loop that adds data into a table cell. However, I want to apply a static size to the table cell, so if more data is returned than can fit inside the cell I want the excess characters to be cut off and end with a "..."

For example, one data entry has 270 characters, but only the first 100 are displayed in the table cell. Follow by a "..."

Any ideas on how to do this?


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if (strlen($str) > 100) $str = substr($str, 0, 100) . "...";
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nice one liner +1 –  Phill Pafford Dec 27 '10 at 20:08

You can use mb_strimwidth

printf('<td>%s</td>', mb_strimwidth($cellContent, 0, 100, '…'));

If you want to truncate with respect to word boundaries, see

You can also control content display with the CSS property text-overflow: ellipsis

Unfortunately, browser support varies.

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function print_dots($message, $length = 100) {
  if(strlen($message) >= $length + 3) {
    $message = substr($message, 0, $length) . '...';

  echo $message;

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$table_cell_data = "";  // This would hold the data in the cell
$cell_limit      = 100; // This would be the limit of characters you wanted

// Check if table cell data is greater than the limit
if(strlen($table_cell_data) > $cell_limit) {
   // this is to keep the character limit to 100 instead of 103. OPTIONAL
   $sub_string = $cell_limit - 3; 

   // Take the sub string and append the ...
   $table_cell_data = substr($table_cell_data,0,$sub_string)."...";

// Testing output
echo $table_cell_data."<br />\n";
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